Daewoo Matiz since 1997 of release
1. The general data
2. Maintenance service
3. The engine
4. Transmission
5. A running gear
6. A steering
7. Brake system
8. Systems of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
9. A body electric equipment
10. A body
10.1. An interior
10.2. Seats
10.3. Glasses and mirrors
10.3.1. The design description
10.3.2. Diagnostics of a heater of back glass
10.3.3. Removal and installation of glasses and mirrors
10.3.4. Repair of a heater of back glass
10.4. Elements of external furnish of a body
10.5. Bumpers
10.6. Doors
10.7. A roof
10.8. Seat belts
10.9. A forward part of a body
10.10. A back part of a body
10.11. A frame and a body skeleton
10.12. Restoration of tightness and elimination of scratches of a body
11. Schemes электроборудования


10.3.2. Diagnostics of a heater of back glass

If there was a malfunction of a heater of back glass, for breakage definition execute the following check. If any of heating strips does not work, full diagnostics of system should be finished before the beginning of repair of heating strips.
Include ignition.
Include a heater of back glass.

The prevention
Be cautious at a contact щупов the voltmeter of heating strips. Inaccurate use щупов can lead to notches of a heating strip and chain breakage.

In the car connect the voltmeter to each end of a heating strip. The voltmeter will show pressure if the heating strip is serviceable.

Fig. 10.37. Use of the voltmeter for diagnostics of a heater of back glass

If the heating strip has breakage, spend щупом the voltmeter on a heating strip and recheck a point on the other hand glasses. At installation щупа the voltmeter in the centre of heating strips, the voltmeter should show pressure 6 In if the heating strip has no breakage (fig. 10.37). Continue check, each time leading up one of щупов the voltmeter to other end of glass till the moment of occurrence of pressure. Breakage is in that place where pressure changes.
Use a marker for a mark of a place of rupture. The label should be on glass, instead of on a heating strip and should leave easily.
Use the repair complete set for restoration of breakage of a heating strip.

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