Daewoo Matiz since 1997 of release
1. The general data
2. Maintenance service
2.1. Maintenance service
2.2. Replacement of engine oil and the oil filter
2.3. Replacement of spark plugs
2.4. Check топливопроводов
2.5. Check and adjustment of a corner of an advancing of ignition
2.6. Check of system of cooling on absence of leaks
2.7. Check of level of oil in a transmission
2.8. Check of the spherical hinge of a forward suspension bracket
2.9. Check axial люфта a back wheel
2.10. Prorolling of system of the hydraulic booster of a steering
2.11. Removal of air from brake system
2.12. Anticorrosive materials
3. The engine
4. Transmission
5. A running gear
6. A steering
7. Brake system
8. Systems of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
9. A body electric equipment
10. A body
11. Schemes электроборудования


2.8. Check of the spherical hinge of a forward suspension bracket

Lift the car a jack, take a wheel hands in position of 12 and 6 hours and try to shake it in a vertical plane. Very small люфт wheels it is admissible, but if люфт enough big, the further check is necessary to establish a source. Continue to swing a wheel while the assistant presses a foot brake. If люфт it is eliminated or nave bearings are considerably reduced, possibly damaged. If люфт it is still considerable with the pressed brake, means, there is a deterioration in connections and suspension bracket fastenings.
Now take a wheel in position of 9 and 3 hours and try to shake it in a horizontal plane. Presence люфта in a horizontal plane can be caused deterioration in bearings of a nave or spherical hinges of steering draught. If internal or external spherical шарнирное connection is worn out, люфт will be obvious.
Levers of a forward suspension bracket with spherical fingers should be replaced if:
- The hinge is weakened;
- The protective cover of the hinge is torn;
- The spherical finger is disconnected from a rotary fist;
- The spherical finger is weakened in a rotary fist.
Check a tightness of a spherical finger in the plug of a rotary fist at each check of the spherical hinge.
Check up an inhaling корончатой nuts. The weakened nut testifies about прослабленном a finger or the increased backlash in the plug of a rotary fist. The worn out or damaged spherical hinges and rotary fists should be replaced.

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2.9. Check axial люфта a back wheel