Daewoo Matiz since 1997 of release
1. The general data
2. Maintenance service
3. The engine
4. Transmission
5. A running gear
6. A steering
7. Brake system
8. Systems of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
9. A body electric equipment
9.1. The general data
9.2. Safety locks, the relay and plaits of wires
9.3. System of illumination and a sound signal
9.4. A screen wiper and стеклоомыватель
9.5. The control panel
9.6. An audiosystem
9.6.1. The design description
9.6.2. Forward and back dynamics
9.6.3. The aerial
9.6.4. Diagnostics
10. A body
11. Schemes электроборудования


9.6.1. The design description

The digital logic stereophonic radio tape recorder consists of radio with ranges AM/FM and a cassette player with electronic control. The radio information system (RDS) uses the separate button to choose the certain radio station established on preference of the listener.
The sound system of safety becomes more active, when the audiosystem chain is separated from the battery. The four-digit code of safety should be entered for audiosystem activization. The safety code is stamped on a card located in the car (usually in перчаточном a box). One of following procedures of input of a code of safety can be used.
1. At I or II position of the switch of ignition include radio. On the radio display the inscription CODE will be highlighted.
2. Press button P-UP, the correct first figure will not be highlighted yet.
3. Press button P-DN to pass to the second figure and then press P—UP once again to enter correct second figure.
4. Repeat actions of points two and three to enter the third and fourth figures, using the same method.
5. After input of a correct four-digit code of safety, press button TR. On the display quickly there will be an inscription CODE OK, and the system is ready to use.
Wrong code
If the wrong code is entered, on the display will be highlighted ERROR 1. It will then be highlighted CODE once again, and it is possible to enter a correct code of safety. Time between each new attempt of coding doubles; it is possible to make ten attempts of coding.

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