Daewoo Matiz since 1997 of release
1. The general data
2. Maintenance service
2.1. Maintenance service
2.2. Replacement of engine oil and the oil filter
2.3. Replacement of spark plugs
2.4. Check топливопроводов
2.5. Check and adjustment of a corner of an advancing of ignition
2.6. Check of system of cooling on absence of leaks
2.7. Check of level of oil in a transmission
2.8. Check of the spherical hinge of a forward suspension bracket
2.9. Check axial люфта a back wheel
2.10. Prorolling of system of the hydraulic booster of a steering
2.11. Removal of air from brake system
2.11.1. Replacement of a brush of a screen wiper
2.11.2. Greasing
2.11.3. Fastenings and carving connections
2.12. Anticorrosive materials
3. The engine
4. Transmission
5. A running gear
6. A steering
7. Brake system
8. Systems of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
9. A body electric equipment
10. A body
11. Schemes электроборудования


2.11.1. Replacement of a brush of a screen wiper

Faultless condition of brushes of screen wipers — a necessary condition of maintenance of good visibility.
To avoid deformation of brushes, regularly clear their means for washing of glasses. At strong pollution of brushes, for example, the rests of insects, clear them by means of a sponge or a pure rag.
One-two time a year replace brushes of screen wipers.
At frosts before each inclusion of screen wipers first during a trip check up, whether brushes have frozen to glass.
At an automatic sink of the car on a windscreen wax particles can get. That them to remove, add in a tank стеклоомывателя means for the washing of glasses possessing property to dissolve wax.
Filling of a tank for a liquid means for cleaning of glasses with воскорастворяющими properties essentially improves work of screen wipers. Zhirorastvorjajushchie cleaners do not clear glass completely.
The damaged brushes which can become the reason of bad clearing of glasses, it is necessary to replace.

Fig. 2.41. Pressing lock clip-on earrings (1) and a direction of removal of a brush of a screen wiper

Press lock клипсу 1 (fig. 2.41) and shifting on the lever, remove a screen wiper brush.
Installation of a brush of a screen wiper spend to sequences, return to removal.

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2.11. Removal of air from brake system
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2.11.2. Greasing