Daewoo Matiz since 1997 of release
1. The general data
2. Maintenance service
3. The engine
4. Transmission
5. A running gear
6. A steering
7. Brake system
8. Systems of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
9. A body electric equipment
9.1. The general data
9.2. Safety locks, the relay and plaits of wires
9.3. System of illumination and a sound signal
9.3.1. The design description
9.3.2. Diagnostics
9.3.3. Removal and installation of knots of system of illumination and a sound signal
9.4. A screen wiper and стеклоомыватель
9.5. The control panel
9.6. An audiosystem
10. A body
11. Schemes электроборудования


9.3.1. The design description

Headlights and dimensional lanterns
Headlights cope the multipurpose lever on a left-hand side of a steering column. They join in any position of the switch of ignition. Turn of the switch of headlights includes dimensional lanterns, lamps of illumination of licence plate and illumination of the panel of devices in the first position. Switch turn in the second position leaves included all previous lamps and headlights. Switch turn in position OFF switches off all lamps.
Dimensional lanterns can be included turn of the switch of illumination in the first position. Dimensional lanterns can be switched off moving of the switch to position OFF.
Near and far light of headlights also cope this lever. When headlights are included, press the lever from itself before switch click, the passing light is thus switched to the distant. The headlight indicator on the panel of devices joins at headlight inclusion. For returning to a passing light pull the lever on itself.
Headlights should be adjusted for the best illumination of road. Adjustment of headlights it is necessary to spend every time when the new headlight in gathering is established or when repair of a forward part of the car could change position of a headlight or its installation.
Turn indexes
When the turn signal is included, turn indexes blink, warning about turn. The turn signal works only at the included ignition.
Turn signals cope the lever of the switch of illumination on the left side of a steering column. Lever moving upwards or downwards (from average position) includes turn indexes. When turn is finished, the lever will come back in horizontal position, and turn indexes will stop to blink.
For replaced lanes or insignificant turns where the steering wheel rotates insufficiently for deenergizing of indexes, move the lever only before the first click and keep in this position. When the lever is released, it will come back in horizontal position and will switch off a turn signal.
Back antifog lantern
The back antifog lantern is built in a back lantern from outside the driver and copes the switch on the control panel. The back antifog lantern can be included only at the included headlights.
Back lanterns
Dimensional illumination, stoplight, backing lantern, back antifog lantern and turn indexes are grouped in a uniform lantern. Inclusion of dimensional light or headlights also leads to inclusion of back dimensional lanterns. When the brake pedal is pressed, brightness of back lanterns increases to serve as a stoplight.
The additional stoplight established at back glass, joins by pressing of a pedal of a brake.
Lamp of illumination of licence plate
The lamp of illumination of licence plate joins at inclusion of headlights or dimensional light. Lamps are established over licence plate.
Plafond of illumination of salon
The illumination plafond is located from above before forward seats. The plafond switch has three positions. If the switch in the central position, a plafond joins each time when the door is opened and is switched off at its closing. In position ON the plafond remains included, will not be switched off yet. In position OFF the lamp will not join even at door opening.
Lamp of illumination of an ashtray
The lamp of illumination of an ashtray is established over an ashtray. It lights up, when dimensional illumination is included. The lamp of illumination of an ashtray is an option.
Backing lantern
The backing lantern is established in a back lantern. It lights up at reverse gear inclusion. On cars with a mechanical transmission the lantern joins the switch established on a transmission.
The list of the lamps established in the car and their capacity are resulted in tab. 9.2.

Table 9.2 the      Lamps established in the car, and their capacity
Lamp in the corresponding knot
Capacity of a lamp, Vt
Backing lantern
Additional stoplight
Double 60/55
Plafond of illumination of salon
Lantern of illumination of licence plate
The forward index of turn
Back antifog lantern
The back index of turn
The lateral index of turn
Back dimensional light and stoplight
Double 5/21
Dimensional lantern

Sound signal
The sound signal is located under a cowl. It is fixed about a radiator on a forward part of the car and joins pressing of the panel of the steering wheel closing on "weight" an electric chain of a sound signal.

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