Daewoo Matiz since 1997 of release
1. The general data
2. Maintenance service
3. The engine
4. Transmission
5. A running gear
6. A steering
7. Brake system
8. Systems of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
8.1. Heating and ventilation system
8.2. A central air
8.2.1. The design description
8.2.2. System checks
8.2.3. The basic operations on system service
8.2.4. Removal and installation of knots of a central air
8.2.5. Compressor repair
9. A body electric equipment
10. A body
11. Schemes электроборудования


8.2.3. The basic operations on system service

Replacement of a sealing ring

Even if sealing rings look identical, it is very important, that at replacement the recommended sealing ring was used only, the big leak of a coolant differently is possible. Always приворачивайте a sealing ring to a tube flange, densely pressing to be convinced of its appropriate arrangement and consolidation.
At service of the conditioner of air establish a new sealing ring every time at dismantling of connections or unions, excepting cases when sealing rings are available on new details. At replacement of a sealing ring by a component or connection of the conditioner of air, be convinced that the union has the correct form for appropriate installation of a sealing ring at service of the conditioner of air. Before installation be convinced that the sealing ring and the union are not damaged, and that on them there are no agnails. It is necessary to replace the damaged details. Otherwise there can be a coolant leak.

The reference with a coolant

Always work in well aired premise and avoid hit of steams of a coolant in lungs at breath. If at you breath is complicated, immediately address for medical aid. If the coolant has got on a skin, wash out this place water under a pressure. If the pain increases, address for medical aid. Air central air contains a coolant — a chemical solution with which the special reference in order to avoid a trauma is necessary.
Always put on goggles and wrap unions, the valve and connection by a pure matter at performance of the works directed on opening of a central air of air. Do not spend welding works or clearing by steam near to lines or components of a central air of air.

All cooling drums are delivered with a heavy metal hat of the screw for protection of the valve and the fuse against damage.
It is good practice for replacement after each use of a drum.
Sometimes it is necessary to transport containers with a coolant on the car. Do not transport a coolant in a passenger compartment of the car.
The reference with system branch pipes

The note
At an insufficient tightening or branch pipe pulling there is an easing or deformation of details of connections. Both conditions can lead to coolant leak.

Preserve all tubes against bends and damages. Everyone пережатие leads to reduction of capacity of system.
Never bend flexible hoses on radius, smaller the quadruple size of diameter of a hose.
Do not suppose an arrangement of a flexible hose near to a final collector.
Regularly check flexible hoses on presence of leaks or fragility.
Replace lines of flexible hoses on new if have found out damage or leak symptoms.
Discharge a central air of air to a detachment of branch pipes.
Very slowly turn on branch pipes.
Protect the person and hands from branch pipes in order to avoid damage reception as in this area leak is possible.
If you have fixed pressure at branch pipe easing, allow pressure to leave system completely.
Immediately close tubes after a detachment of elements. It will prevent hit of a moisture and a dirt which can become the reason of internal deterioration of the compressor or a contamination of tubes in the condenser, a radiator of the evaporator, the broad valve or inlet lattices.

The prevention
Use two keys for appropriate connection of the union of sealants.

Support an opposite branch pipe for protection from damage of connection or details.
Support the pressed out branch pipe on connection of a flexible hose and connection to which fastens two keys for prevention of turn of a branch pipe and saddle damage.
Store sealing rings and saddles in a pure place. The dirt particle can become the leak reason.
Before installation grease sealing rings with pure oil of a coolant.
Support of chemical stability in a central air
The overall performance and durability of a central air of air depends on chemical stability of a central air of air. At hit of alien substances, such as the dirt, air or a moisture, occurs system pollution. Stability of a coolant and compressor oil thus changes. Pollution also influences a parity pressure — temperature, reduces an overall performance and is possible, can cause internal corrosion and abnormal deterioration of moving parts.
Will perform following practical works to be convinced of chemical stability of system:
- Remove a dirt or oil from area of connection before system opening. It will reduce probability of hit of a dirt in system;
- After connection opening, stoppers close both tubes. It will prevent hit of a dirt, alien materials and a moisture;
- Store all tools dry and pure, including the complete set of measuring instruments of a collector and all replaced parts;
- Use a pure both dry gauge and the container for the additive of oil of a coolant. It will give confidence that oil will remain without moisture content so, how much it is possible;
- Have near to itself all necessary to be ready for fast performance of all necessary works at opening of a central air of air. Do not leave a central air of air opened longer, than it is necessary;
- Discharge and recharge air central air at its each opening.
All served details dry up and герметизируйте before delivery. They should remain in tight position before performance of connections. All details should be in a room temperature before opening. It prevents condensation of a moisture from air leaving system. Repeatedly condense all details so quickly, how much it is possible, if packing has been removed, but connection cannot be executed immediately.
Discharge, oil addition, pumping out and central air gymnastics

Use only the capacities recharged by a coolant intended for gymnastics on filling stations. Use of other kinds of capacities can become the reason of reception of damage. To avoid reception of traumas, always put on gloves and goggles at performance of the works connected with opening of a central air of air. At one connection зарядная the system discharges, releases and recharges air central air. A filtration in the course of a restoration cycle together with a filtration in the course of a discharge cycle provide pure and dry gymnastics with a central air coolant.
Never use зарядную station R-134a in system with gymnastics R—12. The coolant and oil are not compatible and should be never mixed even in the considerable quantity. The deposit of the mixed coolant damages the equipment.
Never use the adapters connecting tubes of the different sizes. Adapters become the reason of pollution which involve malfunction of system.

Installation зарядной systems and operation
Use instructions of the manufacturer for all initial procedures of installation and all procedures of operation. Exist set accessible зарядных stations. All stations perform the works necessary for a discharge of system and restoration of a coolant, clearing of system, the additive of the measured quantity of oil and a recharge of a central air of air the measured quantity of a coolant.
The zarjadnaja station has management and the indicators allowing the operator to operate and supervise work.
The main switch of a food delivers electric energy in the control panel.
The display shows time programmed for vacuum (depression) and weight of a coolant, programmed for a discharge.
The measuring instrument of a collector with low pressure defines low pressure in system.
The measuring instrument of a collector with a high pressure shows a high pressure in system.
Management supervises various functions of work.
The valve of low pressure connects a line of low pressure to the conditioner.
The humidity indicator shows a dry or damp coolant.
The high pressure valve connects a line of a high pressure of system to the conditioner.
Coolant restoration

The prevention
Use only those capacities of a coolant which are designed for зарядной stations. The mechanism of restriction of filling откалиброван specially for use of this capacity. The capacity valve are executed specially for this system.

Attach a hose of a high pressure with quickly disconnected connector to a branch pipe of a tube of a high pressure of system.
After an attachment open the connector valve.
Attach a hose of low pressure with quickly disconnected connector to the union of a tube of low pressure of system.
After an attachment open the connector valve.
Check up measuring instruments of lines of high and low pressure upon control panels air-conditioning, whether to be convinced there is a pressure in system. If pressure is absent, means, in system there is no coolant for restoration.

The prevention
If in system there is no coolant, it is impossible to continue work of restoration in order to avoid air hit in capacity.

Open the valve of high and low pressure.
Open gas and liquid valves on capacity.
Merge oil which can be in an oil separator.
Close the valve oil plum.
Connect the unit in an exit with appropriate pressure.
Include the switch of the basic food.

The note
Never repeatedly use coolant oil as because of it air central air can be damaged.
Fill in coolant oil properly.

Begin restoration process.

The prevention
Some oils of a coolant of a central air of air can be mixed together with a coolant in the course of restoration.

Quantity of merged oil variously. The zarjadnaja station separates oil from a coolant and allows to define quantity of the merged oil. At a system recharge replace with identical quantity of oil.
Wait 5 minutes. Check up a measuring instrument of a line of low pressure of the control panel. If air conditioner supports depression, restoration is finished.
If pressure in a measuring instrument of a line of low pressure rises above zero, in system is available more coolant. Restore additional quantity of a coolant. Repeat this action until in system it will not be supported разряжение within two minutes.

The prevention
If the management indicator shows that capacity of a coolant full in the course of restoration and the unit is switched off, establish empty capacity for storage of the coolant necessary for performance of the subsequent actions in procedure. Do not use other types of capacity.

The capacity should contain enough of coolant R—134a for gymnastics. Check up quantity of a coolant in system. If the quantity of a coolant in capacity is less, than 3,6 kg, add a coolant.
Be convinced that hoses of lines of high and low pressure are connected to air central air. Open valves of lines of high and low pressure upon control panels.
Open gas and liquid valves of capacity.
Start the vacuum pump and begin draining process. Not condensed gases (basically air) are automatically ventilated from capacity in process рециркуляции. You can hear a sound of let out pressure.
Check up on absence of leak in system.

The prevention
Often replace oil of the vacuum pump.

Oil replenishment in air central air
Any quantity of the oil merged from a central air of air in the course of restoration, should be filled up during the same time.
Use correctly graduated bottle of oil for system R-134a.

Store a bottle of oil of moisture well closed from hit and a dirt. Never open the valve of injection of oil, yet there will be no positive pressure in system. Otherwise can occur разбрызгивание oils through an exhaust outlet. For this work it is necessary, that in air central air there was a depression.
Never allow to fall to level of oil below a measured tube at a gymnastics or system replenishment. Otherwise air gets into system.

Add necessary quantity of oil in system.
Close the valve when the necessary quantity of oil is filled in in system.

The prevention
To gymnastics release system.

Close the valve of a line of low pressure upon control panels.
Open the valve of a line of a high pressure on the control panel.
Fill in necessary quantity of a coolant in air central air. Be convinced that use correct measures.
Begin gymnastics process.
End of full gymnastics
Close the valve of a line of a high pressure on the conditioner control panel. Both valves should be closed.
Start up the engine and air conditioner.
Allow to work to the engine before reception of stable indicators of measuring instruments on lines of high and low pressure.
Compare indications to the system specification.
Check up temperature of a target tube of the evaporator to be convinced that air central air works according to the specification.
Leave air conditioner working.
Close the valve of a connector of a line of a high pressure.
Disconnect a hose of a high pressure from the car.
Open valves of lines of low and high pressure upon control panels.
The system will quickly drive a coolant from both hoses through a hose of a line of low pressure.
Close the valve of a connector of a line of low pressure.
Disconnect a hose of a line of low pressure from the car.
Incomplete gymnastics
Sometimes there are incomplete gymnastics of a central air of air. There are two reasons:
- Pressure in capacities and pressure in air central air are approximately equal. Because of it there is a slow moving of a coolant to system;
- In capacity insufficient quantity of a coolant for full gymnastics. Partial restoration of gymnastics, a discharge and repeated gymnastics of a central air of air is necessary.

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